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How many have you heard about the national Get Golf Ready program
Get Golf Ready is the latest Play Golf America program that was created to expand golf's participant base by packaging a series of five instructional experiences, delivered in a fun and casual setting to attract both new golfers into the game and bring former golfers back to the sport. The program has a “learn and play” focus in each session: Swing Instruction - introduction to basic terminology, rules, etiquette, and 5 basic golf shots, (full swing, putting, chipping, pitching, and bunker play).  The On-Course experience allows students to apply their swing instruction on the golf course, so by the 5th lesson students have all the basic shots and knowledge to take them from the tee to the green.  Students learn about etitiquette and basic rules when playing on the course.

There are golf courses in most every state who are participating in this program and in Tucson alone, there are 7: City of Tucson Randolph Complex, El Conquistador Country Club, Forty-niners Golf Course, LaPaloma Country Club, Saddlebrook Golf Club, Tucson Golf Schools, and Ventana Canyon Golf and Racquet Club. 

For newer golfers, this is an organized 'crash' course in how to play golf.  As we all know though, it takes practice and more practice to groove the shots.  As the golf saying goes, 'drive for show, putt for dough.'

What is a Ringer??
A ringer tournament is a type of multi-round tournament. It takes the best score a player has made on each hole one over multiple rounds. Usually the tournament is played on the same course and same tees in all the rounds . 

Rules for Match Play

1- Forget about it - Each hole is a separate competition - once it has been played - it is over - (unless there is a dispute).
    Concession of Match, Hole, or Next Stroke
        *  A player may concede a match or hole at any time prior to the start or conclusion of that match or hole
        *  A player may concede her opponent’s next stroke at any time, as long as the opponent’s ball is at rest – 
           the opponent is considered to have holed out with that next stroke
        *  A concession may not be declined or withdrawn.

2 - Hitting the ball again - There are several reasons in match play why you and/or your opponent may be asked to 
     replay the shot (without penalty). 
        *  Hitting outside the teeing area
        *  Hitting out of turn
        *  Hitting an opponent

Winning: The side who has won the most holes wins the match. When a side is winning by more holes than there are holes remaining, the match is won. A match can be won before all 18 holes are played. For example, if you win the first 10 holes, you've won the match because there are only 8 holes left to play. Each winning match is awarded 1 point towards the team total and halved matches are awarded ½ point. All squared indicates the match is tied.